A refreshing addition to Industrial Area

One of my favorite places to work and/or chill around Bugolobi is a cool spot on 7th street. Industrial Area is not known for its great selection of restaurants/cafes but times are slowly changing. Wild Coffee Bar is an amazing venue with a refreshing vision to Uganda’s number one export product.

The Wild Model

For hundreds of years, the coffee industry has operated in the same way: The coffee passes through a long chain of middlemen before finally reaching the end consumer. The Wild model is different: By eliminating the middlemen and bringing the coffee directly from the farmer to the consumer, they are able to pay a generous premium to the coffee farmers. And by doing the entire value chain in Africa, they increase the income to the local economy while generating jobs and paying taxes.

Wild coffee is truly invested in African coffee. All their baristas go to the farm to meet the farmers and understand how they grow the coffee and what challenges they face. If you’re looking for a hip spot around Bugolobi to hang out and enjoy Ugandan coffee to the fullest, make sure to check out Wild Coffee Bar!

110 7th Street Industrial Area, Kampala