I finally got round to creating this blog to share the idea, new products and interesting projects in and around Elephant Grass.

To be honest fashion and designing clothes is completely new to me. I’ve been working in (entertainment) marketing for the past 3 years and even though I love to sell a great product, having someone walk in and buy something you created is a real kick!

It all started about 6 months ago when I came up with the idea to make really comfortable and durable T-shirts with pockets made from African fabric. Africa fabrics and patterns are extremely colorful and vibrant and a lot of them hold great cultural meaning.

The first T-Shirts


My friends liked the T-shirts so I made some more,  and that’s where it all started really. In the beginning I experimented with T-shirts and tank tops, later moving over to sweaters. I learnt so much in these first months! Communicating overseas and being extremely specific on what you want (some of my first samples had the pockets too low or too far to the right)

Wifebeater, Sweater & T-shirt inspired by Africa


At first I was relying on friends to bring the blank garments  over to Africa, where the first tailor I was working with would complete the work. This proved to be extremely difficult, as working remotely in Africa is difficult to say the least. I started to realize I had to go to Africa to buy fabrics, find a good tailor I could grow with and make arrangements to guarantee consistency and quality in the future.

Senegalese Tailor at work