Giving Hope

The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP) is a non-profit organization based out of Uganda that focusses on providing education-through University and to enable the children who enter the program to break the cycle of poverty they were born into.

Every child deserves the chance

to break the cycle of poverty that they were born into

How it started

In 2009 Heidi Kaltur volunteered at a local orphanage in Uganda. One day while having lunch in the town of Jinja, she met Paul. She spotted a group of children outside who were hungry and alone. As soon as she acknowledged the group, they came to her table asking for a bite to eat; she decided to hand over her lunch and let them take it. The group ran off with their score, but Paul remained to thank Heidi.

Heidi came to know Paul and she spent as much time as she could with him and the other children he lived with in the slums of Masese. The children were all from the Karamojong tribe of Uganda. The Karamojong are a nomadic tribe devastated by the effects of the modernization of Africa. As the Karamojong’s livelihood deteriorated, many were forced to move into the larger city centers where they were greeted with coldness, distrust, and an epidemic of poverty and homelessness was created.

"There was one child who did not continue on with the team, but ran back to my side. Our eyes met and with great sincerity he managed a heartfelt “thank you.”

Peace For Paul

When it was time for Heidi to head back to the United States, she promised Paul she would help. Within months of returning home, Heidi and co-founder Ellie Cox formed PFP. With their 501c3 status in hand, Heidi and Ellie’s hope for a way to help vulnerable children in Uganda became a reality. Every year since. Peace for Paul has continued to grow and come to the rescue of more children.

Every child deserves a future

How it works

The Peace for Paul Foundation operates three family homes.

  • Love Home for Girls provides a safe, loving family environment for girls between the ages of 2 and 18.
  • Hope Home for Boys provides a safe, loving family environment for boys between the ages of 2 and 18.
  • Peace Home provides a home base for young adults in the resettlement program.

PFP provides housing, food, clothing, and security in a healthy environment with support, supervision and socialization. The Peace for Paul children are given the necessary tools to grow and to become functioning citizens of their community, in order to break the cycle of poverty they were born into.

‘A Hand Up’ program

Besides supporting children, PFP also empowers vulnerable young adults in the community.  The goal is to enable them to become functioning members of society and to continue the cycle of giving and hope. Recipients of this scholarship are vulnerable young men and women who are determined, hard working, skilled and who have a desire to give back. The recipients do not receive a hand out–rather but they receive a hand up. A Hand Up Program provides financial assistance and mentoring to hard-working adults and provides a means to help them improve their own lives by allowing them to complete their education, learn a trade or start a business. Applicants are expected to continue the cycle of giving in their own community.

A fantastic organization that I fully believe in

In recent years the spotlight has highlighted the dark sides of children orphanages, therefore I must stress that Peace For Paul is not an orphanage. At PFP, children are supported throughout life towards higher education. The outlook of the young men and women who had been in the program for years (some for decades) was so incredibly bright, it became clear that they were the result of an organization that puts people first and operates from the power of love.

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