One of the most beautiful lodges in Kenya

Situated in the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary, Lions Bluff Lodge is an amazing accomodation with panoramic views over the golden green savannah. The Sanctuary works hard to conserve a unique eco system rich with wildlife, encompassing one of Africa’s most ancient elephant migratory corridors and is an important breeding site for lions.

The trip: from Nairobi to Lumo 

Lions Bluff is 48km west of Voi on the Taveta Road within the 48,000 acre Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary. There are various ways to get to Lions Bluff Lodge. It is easily accessible from Nairobi and Mombasa by car. Which ofcourse you will need if you want to do game drives! Link to directions

"Lions Bluff is something else."

— Roos de Jong

A safari experience like no other

Below Lions Bluff Lodge runs an ancient elephant migratory corridor, which links Lake Jipe in Tsavo West with the Galana River in Tsavo East. Here large matriarchal herds of dust-red elephant lead their offspring to wallow in the lodge’s waterhole. The architecture of the lodge, with its panoramic views make it a constant wildlife experience, never knowing what you could see, as you sit on the locally made wooden terraces. As you gaze over miles and miles of Kenyan Savannah, including the majestic Kilimanjaro, The Taita Hills, the Lumo Community Sanctuary and the Tsavo eco-system, you realize that this is what Safari is all about.

12 luxury and intimate rooms

Lions Bluff Lodge only has 12 rooms, and that characterizes the personal touch and attention to detail that every aspect of your stay has. Anyone in search of peacefulness, nature lovers, private parties, passionate photographers and honeymooners alike will find something they will love.

Sleeping in a hand-made four poster bed and awaking to Africa’s incredible sunrise is a feeling like no other. Completely energized, you are ready to enjoy a game drive or bush walk before a lovely breakfast.. perhaps in the bush.. and you have begun to conjure up the magic that is Lions Bluff.

An unforgettable wildlife experience

Although a stay at Lions Bluff Lodge is not for you ballers on a budget, I can assure you that its worth every penny/shilling/cent. 

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