The Ghetto Museum

Last week I had the fortune to get lost in a tropical oasis in the heart of Paris. A few years ago I discovered this spot but I hadn’t had the chance to check it out. My expectations were high, but the reality was a stunner. 

Hidden behind a piece of street art on the Canal Saint Martin is one of Paris’ best-kept secrets. Le  Comptoir General is a multi-disciplinary space dedicated to exotism through music, film, fashion, and dance. Inspired by Franco-african culture a group of merry bandits has transformed this former barn into a mind blowing concoction of food, drinks,lifestyle and shopping.

Le Comptoir Général is a temple dedicated to exoticism

Living Museum

The vibe is set right away as you enter the space through a softly lit corridor strung with chandeliers, African portraits and a red carpet. From there the space is broken up into five areas, including a snack stand with a variety of African specialties like samosas, fried plantains and sometimes a Senegalese roast called Dibiterie.

Le Comptoir Général explores faraway lands, looking for the most powerful references and the best talents they might hide away.

Night and Day

Everything about the Ghetto Museum clarifies why it’s such an all-around lovable hotspot. In the day families relax and when the sun goes down the space becomes a bar and restaurant that caters to the young and hip of Paris. Le Comptoir Général is a mesmerizing place that caters to your imagination in the most colourful of ways. I highly recommend you get in line.