Last week I had the pleasure to meet up with the founder of Kara-Tunga, Theo Vos. Kara-Tunga Tours is a young company with big dreams to offer journeys through Karamoja’s untamed wilderness revealing untouched cultures and its unique wildlife.

"Kara-Tunga doesn't just offer guided tours. They let you explore paradise by yourself."

- Steffi Rettinger

Uganda's best kept secret

Karamoja is a region in the north-east of Uganda that is far more known for the armed conflicts of the past than the uncut adventure it offers in the present. The truth is that it’s one of Africa’s culturally richest and geographically gifted regions. The regions geographical characters make it a must visit destination for the active outdoor adventurist and nature-savvy.

Africa has her mysteries and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.

— Miriam Makeba

Unique adventures

With a sustainable focus at the heart of it’s operation, Kara-Tunga offers a wide range of adventurous tours based from Karamajong culture. From Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi) tours to rock-climbing and base jumping. Mix that up with some time with the local community in a Karamajong Manyatta and you are sure to catch a sincere glimpse of Uganda’s best kept secret.

Positive impact

Kara-Tunga is trying to preserve ancestral cultural heritage through tourism. By building partnerships with the local communities they are creating a positive change for many people who struggle with unemployment, food security and health care. If you yearn for genuine adventure while creating a positive impact in the world, trust Kara-Tunga to deliver a once in a lifetime experience full of surprises and rich encounters with nature, wildlife and people.