A refreshing addition to Entebbe

I recently stumbled on a wonderful guesthouse in Entebbe that really impressed me. I had just come from an island hopping trip on Lake Victoria and had some hours to kill in Entebbe before a friends' flight. Entebbe has long been known as a "the place where the airport is" and as such the selection of affordable rooms and hotels is not fantastic.

Feel at Home

Everything about the Guineafowl just works. The staff is incredibly friendly, the food is affordable and absolutely delicious, the garden is an oasis of peace and all the rooms are wonderful.

Having spent numerous nights at a wide variety of hotels and guesthouses in Entebbe I must say that the Guineafowl is now officially my favorite place to rest my head in Entebbe. Have an early flight or just looking at an affordable place to sleep close to Entebbe Airport? The Guineafowl will keep you coming back again and again.

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