Frequently Asked Questions

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The size I’m looking for isn’t available
All our products are handcrafted in Africa and we often only have a limited amount of products. Our stock is connected to our site. That means if a size or product isn’t on the site we (no longer) have it in stock. It may happen that someone returns an unused product to us. In that case we will add the item to our store again. Certain products may get restocked. When that happens we will mention it on Facebook and Twitter.

I accidentally entered the wrong delivery address

We advise you to always double check your address. If however you receive the confirmation mail and see the wrong address please contact us as soon as possible via e-mail or by phone. However, if you receive an email about the shipment of your item we can no longer stop the shipment of the package. When the package gets returned to us we’ll get in touch with you about a new delivery attempt.

Will packages be delivered in weekends or on holidays?

Packages within the Netherlands will be delivered between Monday and Saturday. There are no deliveries on Sundays or holidays. International packages will be handled by different delivery companies that all have their own different delivery schedules.

What are my payment options?

We iDeal, Paypal, Creditcard or banktranfer. The first three are instant payments so we can ship process your order right away. Bank transfer can take up to five days so we advise you to use iDeal, Paypal or Creditcard if you want to receive your item as soon as possible.


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