An ideal weekend getaway

Tucked away against Mount Kenya, Castle Forest Lodge is a beautiful spot that offers a wide range of activities but most importantly, an incredibly relaxing atmosphere to catch your breath.

There's something magical about sleeping in the middle of a dense forest.

Getting there

I left Nairobi in a Rav4 in the morning and arrived at the lodge 4 hours later. The roads were very decent and I was received with a warm welcome. The main building, where meals are served, was built in colonial times and is over 100 years old. The owner of the lodge used to run a campsite in Nairobi and when presented with the opportunity, jumped at the chance to create something magnificent from the deteriorating property.

The slopes of Mount Kenya

Set in the natural surroundings of a rainforest, Castle Forest Lodge is a such a serene paradise, with fresh water rivers all around, a fabulous view of the valley on one side, and the impressive peaks of Mount Kenya on the other.

Besides just relaxing or having a dip in the (very cold) swimming pool, there are lots of activities to keep you busy. Whether you’re into horse riding, hiking through the forest and swimming in the waterfall or fishing in the river for trout, a weekend at Castle Forest Lodge will leave you energised and rejuvenated. Check out their website for more info.