The Expressionist

About a year ago I discovered one of Johannesburg’s most stylistic photographers: Anthony Bila. Bila, or The Expressionist as he calls himself, is an artist, photographer and videographer who has been making a name for himself through his signature style.

“I want to show the world pictures that encapsulate people’s individual style, my photos will always incorporate fashion but I want it to be about the people as well. I believe people dress a certain way to send a message to the world, it’s who they are, not everyone is creative or artistic but in their own way they express themselves everyday with what they wear. We are all blank canvases and our clothes are the paint.”

Billa has carved a name for himself through his powerful street portraits and edgy images that appear to tell a story. After studying radio and advertising he ended up working several jobs to pay off his student loans. After being invited to shoot some events by some brands who liked his blog he discovered how much his talent was worth. He used the cash to buy his first camera and the rest is history.

Where Cape Town attracts the most tourism, often appears to be the most developed, Billa has played a big role in bringing Johannesburg into a creative light worldwide. The man who calls himself The Expressionist is bringing African style to the world and world style to Africa.

“The city is changing, growing and there are a lot of people doing a lot of exciting things. Especially for the arts and media related. This is the city to be, the city to watch.”